Sunday, 30 July 2017

Gucci Slippers and Honesty

The shower shoes lead a Cinderella style successful life. Continuing to fulfil their purpose as stoic protector ,until smitten by love at first sight, they were adopted and renamed `The Gucci Slippers` by fellow resident artist Cinga Samson. He  assimilated  them into the narrative scene of the installation he was composing . In their new conceptual role the artist took the former humble material, wore them underfoot and then slipped them aside , but with the addition of a golden textile symbol of status - giving them kudos and desirability. The dramatic irony being, that initially as the maker I found them a little embarrassing.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Alone in a Space.
Popty 2015 International Artist workshop- launch minus 24 hrs.
I`ve been  stationed at Penquoit centre while Victoria is off on a mission  to collect some of the artists from the airport and London. Alone for 24hours to work out systems and open lots of food. Also to find out what I have forgotten to bring ( shower shoes) and make something to compensate. I feel a bit like Matt Damon in `Martian` with his potatoes.
Survival of the footist.
Having had the fear of communal shower foot disease installed into me for the first time ever, ( Glastonbury showers, European campsites, walking round barefoot for years, etc. and not a verruca in site/sight), I constructed a pair of flip flops to use in the shower here. They are crocheted video tape and inner tube , Glued together with a glue gun. They lasted this mornings shower, not bad.
Improvised shower shoes.
Left me thinking about the nature of joining unlikely things together to create experimental barriers that separate you from possible exposure. Can`t wait to meet the other artists.